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From Good Farming Hands to Yours.

est. 2013 - FORT WORTH, TEXAS



You wake up, you grind, brew, sip and enjoy. If all else fails, at least your coffee was perfect.
Also, you get bonus points for contributing to local a business as well as the small farms that grow these delicious beans around the world. It is our privilege to help bridge the gap between brewers and farmers and offer you fresh-roasted, delicious coffee. Thanks for being here!





This season's highlighted roast is the one and only Nyeri Kiambara AA from Kenya. She's sweet and smooth, but makes her presence well known. But watch out boys, she's a man eater!



VAYDER - Custom Blend

Dark Roasted, Big Body

NOTES: Rich and smooth, oaky, nutty, with a dark chocolate full body.

You don't have to be a sci-fi fan to brew up our popular Vayder Blend. This rich roast is our only blend and is one of the top sellers. The name may or may not have come from a nerdy place deep within some of us, but in any case, this cocktail of Columbian, Indian, and Mexican beans roasted to perfection is a surefire choice for the dark bean lover. Whether you're brewing hot or cold, you won't be sorry you picked up a bag of Vayder.


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MEXICO - Terrunio Nayarita


NOTES: Medium body; Red Fruit, Caramel, Dark Chocolate Base

Terrunio Nayarita is one of our personal favorites.

It holds on to great flavor even as it cools down. Enjoy it hot or take your time and sip it long and slow. The perfect lazy Sunday coffee. Think of it as a T-1000 - it can take anything you dish out and still keeps running strong. 

Goes great in a pour over and really shines in the french press where the earthy body of this bean is encouraged.

It's like sitting in the sand on the coast of Mexico, watching a warm sun-set... but it's in your cup.

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ETHIOPIA - Gedeb Asasa

Medium body, honey sweetness, floral, with a dark fruit and rich chocolate finish.

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. And as if that didn't give them enough bragging rights, it's also home to some of the highest quality beans in the world. That said, it's no surprise that our Gedeb Asasa is our highest rated bean, and a favorite among many. The notes are so rich and evident. On a pour-over the subtle flavors just shine right through the bright touch of acid on the palette. It's quite the notable experience.



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EL SALVADOR - Chalchuapa San Miguel

Thick body, mild acidity, roasted almond, brown sugar, cinnamon. 

Just in time for Fall, the Chachuapa, San Miguel slides right into theme. The bloom smells like strawberry fruit rollup and brown sugar. The sweet/fruity smells give it a great aromatic experience during the first sip, which is quite pleasantly deceptive once you get a thick-bodied, hardy oaky/roasted almond flavor on your palette. It finishes with a burnt brown sugar sweetness, with a subtle creamy cinnamon aftertaste.  



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BRAZIL - Pedralava Decaf

Have a midnight rendezvous with your brew!

Medium body, rich chocolate, nutty sweetness.

It took us a while to find a decaf that meets the standard, and this one will surprise you. Not in a caffeinated jolt kind of way, but more like a raised brow followed by a hum of delight. Pairs nicely with an after dinner desert.



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INDIA - Monsooned Malabar

If you're looking for smooth, this is your bean.

Very low acid. 

Notes: Full Body; Creamy Top, Nutty and Molases Base, Almond.

If you're one who likes to wake up slow and easy, this needs to be in your cup. It's so easy on the palate with no big surprises. The creamy start, the oaky almond, finished with a mild cocoa and molasses might just be worth getting out of bed for.

This bean is large in size and not quite as dense as some of the others, so it performs quite well on a pour over, auto drip, and especially on an Aeropress. 

A cup of our Malabar is like getting off work and meeting up with your best friend for an evening of nothing important. It's the best.

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COLOMBIA - Timana Colinas Atlas

Big Body, dark roast, with a touch of red fruit.

If you're looking for a good place to start and you've never had a good Colombian coffee, start here. She's a hardy, big bodied, dark roasted, subtle hints of floral notes, followed by a hint of red fruit, brown sugar, honey and chocolate.

Colinas Atlas is like that pair of jeans that you've had for a while that fit perfectly. It's just comfortable, familiar and makes you feel good! 



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SUMATRA - Toba Batak

This offering from the Sumatra region is a full bodied behemoth.

NOTES: Full body, Complex, Herbaceous, Spices, with a Dark Chocolate Base.

One of our most popular offerings.

Toba Batak is a beautiful beast of a coffee with the elegance of a wild stallion. Packed full of complex flavors and subtle spices. Earthy, inviting, and extremely satisfying.

In a pourover the flavors are singled out but still flow together.

In a French Press all the notes interlock to form a strong earthy presence that lasts. This bean in a Press is really a match made in heaven!



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GUATEMALA - Huehuetenango

Medium body, dates & raisin, almond, with strong caramel finish.

Huehuetenango - Funny name, serious coffee. Every good roaster needs a solid Guat, and this is one we are super proud of. Roasted a bit darker than most roasters, these beans are a staff favorite, mostly because of its versatility in brewing and the natural built-in sweetness. It doesn't take a mature palette to find the notes, and it's such a hardy bean, you can still find those flavors through a variety of brewing methods.



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If you're opening a coffee shop, bakery, or if you just need a truck-load of beans - we can do that!





On Saturday mornings, Cuppa Craft posts up at the Trail Head Farmers Market at Clearfork to sell fresh roasted beans directly to our lovely local customers and supporters. Come by from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and see us!

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