We've been buds since college (Chase and Corey) and have since shared an interest in good coffee, always trying various roasters and regions, learning new brewing methods, and sharing our experiences with our friends. Both of us had spent some time living and traveling in different regions of the globe, widening our world-view, and learning about how different cultures experience these little beans. None of this with the intent of starting Cuppa Craft, it was just something we loved, and still love to do.


As a man of hobbies, Chase had been home-roasting for a few years, and upon moving to Fort Worth it wasn't long before Corey got a call with an urgent prompt, "come over and try this coffee".

It was delicious. 

So much so, in fact, that we had to figure out a way to share it. A few months later after some strategic planning, a few small investments, and some support from our awesome wives and friends, we launched Cuppa Craft and began packaging fresh roasted beans with our logo stamped on it.

Our goal now is to provide other coffee lovers with a decadent world-tour of these beans through our roast, become more of a positive thread in our community, while being part of the support of the small farms around the world that grow coffee for us. 

This is Scott. 

Scott is so crucial to what we do. He handles all the bag stamping, stuffing, and labeling, and when we are in a pinch, he'll jump in and do some roasting. You might spot him at a farmers market slingin' beans like a madman. Besides the essential role he plays in getting our product ready for customers, his general attitude towards just about everything is simply awesome. We love Scott.